Best Ad Network To Integrate into your Android Games

Are you very confuse to choose an ad network to implement in your newly developed game. Congratulations! You are at the right place today in this article will discuss the best ad network and nest ad type to use in your game. You know most games earn from ads on games.

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Best CPC Ad Type:

 According to my own observation, video ads have high CPC. Most developers use video ads in their games to earn more money. These video ads also called rewarded ads because most developers use these ads to give rewards to users of watch ads in the form of the extra game live etc.

What are the best ad networks to use in games?

I myself a game developer, according to my observation two ads networks are best to use in game. These are:

  • Admob
  • Unity Ads


Admob is one of the best ad network owned by Google. We can use this ad network in any type of android application. Nevertheless, it has some limitations for example we cannot use interstitial ads in productivity apps (We cannot use interstitial or video ads in flashlight app). One thing I like most about the AdMob it pays per click means when users only click on ads you get paid. Admob also offers video ads that have high CPC than the banner of interstitial ads. These ads are usually rewarded ads because developed give rewards of watching ads in the form of extra lives of the coin in-game.

But AdMob policies are very strict. If your AdSense account got banned due to some reasons then your AdMob account also got banned because they are interconnected with each other. And google only allow one AdMob account per person ou can’t create two AdMob account.

Unity Ads:

  Unity ads is another best ad network to implement in your game. It has many extra unique features than any other ad network. This ad network is especially for games. The best thing about unity ads is it can be integrated easily than any other ad network.

Ad Formats supported by unity ads:

  • Banner ads
  • Interstitial ads
  • Video Ads

Video Ads has high CPC then both and interstitial ads has low CPC then video/reward ads and high than banner ads.

Unity ad is cross-platform it can be implemented in android games as well as in ISO games. If you want to use ad network only for games then unity ad is best for you.


Therefore, people today have discussed the best ad network for your games. I hope your confusion has solved now. I write all about games please keep visiting our blog see you in the next article. Thank you for reading this article.