Best YouTube Video Ideas for You 2020

Youtube has achieved so much popularity, and it provides lots of rewards for views, so almost everyone is struggling to earn money on Youtube. But not everyone is a Youtube Star. Because not every idea gets equal ranking when it comes to viewers and subscribers. In this article, we are going to provide the best Youtube Video Ideas through which you can get more views in a short period.

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Product Reviews

YouTube Video Ideas

In this category, you can review the latest product on your Youtube Channel. These days tech. reviews are very trendy. While choosing the product review, make sure that it is aligned with your interest. In this way, it will help you to provide more quality content on Youtube.

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Unboxing Videos

Another trend that is booming these days is unboxing videos. People love to watch this kind of stuff. So you can hit the majority of the audience by making unboxing videos. You can get inspiration from Ryan Toys Reviews and Unbox Therapy. Both these channels are very successful and are based on the unboxing videos.


YouTube Video Ideas

Another idea which is very common these days is making tutorial. You can make tutorial videos on almost every subject. But the most hype is given to make up tutorials, cooking tutorials, and technology tutorials. For example, in makeup tutorials, you can tell the audience how they can achieve the specific look by following easy steps.

Educational Videos

Is there any subject about which you are confident that you can cover it by teaching them straightforwardly and flexibly? Then educational videos are the right fit for you. One piece of advice is to make instructional videos by putting yourself in your audience’s shoes. It will help you a lot to explain your content in a best way for your viewers.

Fashion Gossips

If you look around, then you can see that we are very much fascinated by the fashion world. You can talk on the latest celebrity videos, and you can also make a reaction video. It is a straightforward idea because all you have to do is to give your reaction to the trends. Try to add your response humorously so that it is not offensive to the public.

Makeup do’s and don’ts

YouTube Video Ideas

To be honest, many people like me love to do makeup but they are not very familiar with it. And as a beginner, they make so many mistakes that lead to a makeup disaster at the end as not everyone is a pro in this field so you can share with your viewers how they can avoid common makeup mistakes and which steps they can follow to get a perfect desired look.

Makeup Haul

This category is mainly for makeup lovers. So your target audience is going to be makeup, Holic. All you have to do is to purchase lots of makeup and then show it to your audience. Sometimes we don’t afford a thing, but just by watching it, we get that particular satisfaction. By making such videos, you are going to appeal to this specific category.

Diet Plan

YouTube Video Ideas

Are you physically fit and you have a diet plan which is worth watching? Without any hesitation, you can split your diet plan into a playlist and then share the content with your viewers. You can also share with your viewers how they can avoid junk food and turn their bodies into stable value.

Motivational Video

Motivational videos have a significant audience on Youtube. Especially in this Pandemic when everyone is struggling so motivational content can be extremely useful for your audience.

You can get an example of Sandeep Maheshwari, a motivational speaker who has reached an enormous audience by motivating the public. For this category, all you have to do is to encourage people and motivate them.

In this article, I have shared with you how you lead yourself to a successful Youtube Journey. We hope that these Youtube video ideas were informative for you. Please tell us in the comment section that which idea you loved.

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