Proven Ways to Earn Money As an Android Developer

Are you curious to know how do mobile developers make money? Don’t worry. In this article, I will explain to you proven ways to earn money as an android developer. A question arises in every android user’s mind that how applications earn because we do not pay anything to the developers of the application. You know android application developers earn a lot of dollars. Therefore, the question is how they earn so today I am going to show you how they earn. What is the method to earn money from an android application?

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How Android Application Developers Earn:

The most common method to earn money from android application to place ads. How to place ads is not our today’s topic. We will discuss, what are ad types we can implement in android phone?

How They Earn?

They earn money when users to that application use app and click on ads some companies pay per click on ads and some pay for completing task and some pays for downloading other applications from paly store.

What types of ads we can implement in our android application?

Banner Ads:

We can use banner ads, which is most common ad type to use in android applications. This is most use full ad type the meaning of this sentence is we can place banner ads in any category application e.g. we can place banner ads in tool apps.

Interstitial Ads:

 Another one is interstitial ads they are usually high paying ads because these are full screen ads, which cover the complete area of your android phone’s screen. These type of ads has some advantages but also have some disadvantages e.g. we cannot use interstitial ads on utility app, for example we cannot use interstitial ads on flashlight app we must have to use banner ads in order to earn money.

Video Ads:

 Video ads can also implemented in android applications. These apps also known as reward ads because it usually use to give reward to the users. If developers does not reward users to watch video ads then user interested can decrease. These ads can also implemented in android games. Usually in android games user get game coin when they watch video ads. They ads are high paying ads to publishers.

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So tech lover this was our today’s articles. Do you want to know anything more about ads? What types of app you have and which type of ads you should place in order to get more revenue then please write in the comments we will try to solve your problems quickly. We also write about freelancing, online earning, entrepreneurship, and business ideas. Don’t forget to check out other articles as well. We always publish high quality and the content that drives the interest of users. So I’ll say now goodbye to you with this article And I’ll see you in the next article. Stay connected and stay hungry.