Top 12 Games with the most player count in 2020

Are you a crazy game lover? Nowadays because of quarantine, everyone is staying home and doing different things like some people watch movies some of them watch the season on Netflix while like me some of them play video games either on PC or smartphones. Game lovers enjoy online shooting games, new challenges game, Pool games like 8 Pool Ball, and so on. I thought to see which games are trending and games that have the most popular player count so end up in writing this article. In this article, I am going to show a list of the top 12 PC games with the most player count in addition to it with some stats you need to know. I did some research and collected some statistics from WikiPedia.


CrossFire is on the top of list. If you are a crazy can of one first online shooting game just play this game. Chinese Company Tencent released and published this game. You can get this game on PC and PS as well.

Release Year 2007

Number of Users 600 Million Accounts

Publisher Smilegate

Dungeon Fighter Online

A south Korean company games with millions of active users. Dungeon Fighter Online is a multiplayer online game you can play this game on Windows and PS as well. This game is still popular and played worldwide because of its unique features.

Number of User 600 Million

Publisher Nexon

Release Year 2005

Player Unknowns Battlegrounds

This game has just unique features which makes it more popular in addition to it it can be played on mobile easily. . While friends play game and chat with each other and also they meet different people. It is also developed by Tencent Company. This game is available on PC, PS, Android, and iOS as well. This game has actively a million users every day.

Number of User 600 Million

Publishe  PUBG Cooperation/BlueHole

Release Date: December 20, 2017

Pac-Man Doodle

It is one of the old game and still popular game. A yellow emoji moves and keeps eating those little tiny balls and tries to escape from Ninja. Recently Google has just updated this game and now still people love and play this game. It was first released in Japan.

Number of User 550 Million

Publisher Namco / Google

Release Date May 21/2010

QQ Speed

QQ Speed is AI-based kart 3D racing game where you get behind the wheel of more than the other forty different vehicles. And the one who finishes first wins the game. It is also among the top games still played worldwide.

Number Of Users 500 million

Publisher Tencent

Release Date January 23, 2008

Candy Crush Saga

You may have played this game on Facebook. Millions of users play this game every day and you can get from Google play console as well. It was released by King Publishers. Because of the popularity and fun, it is famous worldwide.

Number Of Users 500 Million

Publisher king

Release Date April 12, 2012


Tetris is a fun game developed by Soviet Russian Software Engineer Alexey. This game is old but still popular today. Several changes were made to this game and you can play this game on PC, Mobile, PS, tablet, and Xbox as well as a result it is popular.

Number Of Users 500 Million

Publisher Various

Release Date June 6, 1984


Mojang developed this game in 2011. This game is a sandbox video game. This game is still popular and most liked by kids and teens. This game also available on PC and android as well.

Number Of Users 480 Million

Publisher Mojang

Release Date November 18,2011

Microsoft Solatire

I like this game very much. When i was a kid and had no internet connection i used to play this game. It is about Punch card game where you need to put card like in descending manner. When you finish all the cards you win and enjoy the lighting.

Number Of Users 400 Million

Publisher Microsoft

Release Date 1990


Fortnite is just unique and amazing game. Epic company developed this game in 2012 and still on the top downloading list. You can get this game on Windows, PC , PS as well.

Number Of Users 350 Million

Publisher Epic Games

Release Date September 26, 2017

Fantasy Westward Journey

Fantasy Westward Journey is free-to-play online video game. This game is most popular game in china according to a survey. This game is also on the top of downloading list. This game has actively million users.

Users 310 Million account

Released Data September 2001

Publisher NetEase


RuneScpae is top 12 most played games with million active users.It is fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It was  developed and published by Jagex.

Users 280 Million

Publisher Jagex

Released Date June 4,2001

I know you are excited to know more about games. This was the list of top 12 games with most player count. I was excited to share these stats with you. I am curious to know about your favorite game. Let me know about your favorite game in the comment section. If you want to read more about video games. Check out our website. Thanks