Top Apps for Learning New Languages

Hello fellas, do you want to learn new languages, want to explore a new culture, want to become multilingual like me. I can speak up to 5 languages. Pretty interesting, yes I am not kidding I can speak five languages. People learn languages for different reasons some of them for the job, study, hobby, interest, etc. In my case, it is Fun and interest. You can also share your learning languages s with me. So if you want to learn a new language and don’t know how to start, where to learn, how to find resources. Don’t panic, I am going to recommend to top 3 android apps to learn languages and become multilingual. Before we jump to those 3 apps I want to highlight the importance of learning languages.

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Importance of Learning Languages

  • Increase the learning capacity of Brain
  • For Travelling
  • For Job
  • Increase communication Skills

Top 3 Apps For Learning Languages

Below I am going to share with you the top 3 apps for learning languages. You can get these apps from Google Play store from android devices and from Apple store for iPhone devices.


HelloTalk is one of the most used and popular app for learning foreign languages. It is developed by some Chinese Company . I use this app and this app helps me so much. This app allows you to choose your native language and learning language. After joining this app you will see different people. When you will go for matching you will see people who want to learn your language and they are native in your learning language. You can text and make them friends if they are willing to. You can also make groups and invite others for discussion and quizzes. You can use this app for free but purchase is also available. When you activate VIP mode you will be able to learn 6 languages and can choose up to 3 languages as your speaking language. You can also make a video call if you are a VIP member and audio call for free.

Downloads: 5 Million+

Ratings: 4.3/5

Mondly- Learn Languages

Mondly is also a good app for learning languages. I am using this app to learn Arabic. This app is very good who wants to learn some language that someone has no idea about another language. They use different techniques like a daily lesson, quizzes, animated things. Mondly is an app that allows you to choose your learning language and they will help you to learn. If you want to learn quickly and explore more features you will have to buy a premium package. In the premium package, you can unlock any lesson and learn faster. It’s up to you how you want your time management and other factors also include.

Downloads:5 Million +

Ratings: 4.6

Duolingo – Learn Languages for Free

Duolingo is one of the most used language learning app in android devices. They have 100 Million+ downloads. Duolingo is also loved by most people because they have pretty nice ratings. If you learn any foreign language quicker and the easier way I will recommend you this app. This app has really smart features like daily lessons, quizzes, finding partners, audio calls with your partner. This app is free to use but you can also make purchases to unlock more features. If you will opt to use the free version you will have to deal with ads.

Downloads: 100 Million+

Ratings: 4.7/5

So I hope this article was interesting and helpful for you. You can share with me how many languages you can speak and which languages you are learning. Apart from these apps if you want to learn language watch movies with subtitles if you want to improve English, read books, speak with your friends and practice a lot.

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