10 Top Places To Visit In United States

Have you been to the States before and realized you missed out on a lot? Or do you live in the US and were just never able to explore around? The States being the worlds third or fourth largest country with infinite attractions is one of the best tourist destination. People from all around the globe find The States a perfect destination for their vacation trips. US is a full package with diverse and unique landscapes, cuisines, cities, cultures and what not. You can find peaceful country sides or busy hustling metropolitan cities with breath taking skyscrapers. It’s all there! So here are the Top 10 places to visit in the United States.


Located on Route 67 on Mitchell Flat east of Marfa, Texas, these dreamy lights, also known as ghost lights are attention gainers. Photographers and explorers have been visiting Texas just to capture the breath taking but also a little spooky view of these glowing lights. Marfa lights are visible throughout the year. Many scientists believe that it’s just a mere reflection of lights from houses nearby and camp fires but locals state otherwise.


Miami is where the heart of all party freaks and beach lovers lies. From fancy hotels with sparkling pools to delicious cuisines and a vibrant nightlife, Miami has it all. So just pack your bags and fly over to Miami with friends and spouses to get that perfect party weekend. If you’re an all time extrovert, Miami is the place for you with it’s gorgeous sun bright coastline.


Are you a sucker for sky high views like me? Las Vegas’s high roller is a dream come true. It’s the biggest and the most massive high roller in the world which gives a full of The strip in Vegas. It’s perfect for your first date or a honeymoon trip. The high roller takes about 30 mins to complete one round. It gives the best views if you visit during the night.


The ancient and yet elegant touch of this city is what draws tourists to it. Even though the city has a huge history and is said to be the most haunted city of The States, there is no doubt in the fact that it’s just so gorgeous. New Orleans has a very vibrant and happening life and specially the nights with street performers, concerts, dine-ins and what not. The city is a must visit if you’re on the travelling haul.

New Orleans, USA – February 7, 2015: People walk on colorful Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans during the Mardi Gras festival.


Oregon probably has many scenic views with it’s Cape Prepetua forest that connects with the Pacific ocean, but Thor’s Well is a sight from heaven itself. It is an endless hole that drain the ocean’s water and can be viewed from a distance. This unusual place has had many travelers from around the globe compelled to visit. Just the pictures and videos are oh so satisfying!


Looking for some mind-blowing places to visit in the United States? Redwood forest and park is one of the wonders of the worlds as it is said to have the biggest and the most tallest trees on earth. You will feel so teeny tiny in front of those trees. These forests provide an amazing landscape contribute to the tourism industry greatly.

Hamilton Pool Preserve, Austin

Looking for something that leaves your jaw hanging in awe? Go to Hamilton pool! This place is simply breathtaking. Get a good company, a swimsuit and drive your way to Austin because the clean and clear pool preserve water is going to take all your stress away.


If you’re in the states and are planning a tour of Arizona, do not leave without visiting the Antelope Canyon. It is the most gorgeous thing you’ll see there believe me. Antelope Canyon might be a little too much for claustrophobic people but it’s bewitchingly beautiful once you’re there. The canyon has rock mountains that are eroded over the years but have turned into an amazing landscape.


Do you have that adventurous hiking soul? Glacier national park is a little piece of heaven for you then. Located on the Canada-America border northwestern Montana, Glacier park is sure called crown of the state for a reason. The high peaked mountains with chilly weather and glass clear glacier is a sight one can never forget. Get your hiking gear all set and head off to Montana for a trip of your lifetime. Therefore, Glacier national park is one of the best places to visit in the United States.


Alongside Hudson river is the beautiful and calm Hudson valley. New York has the image of a bustling city life with fast moving traffic and is also said to be the city that never sleeps. In all that rush of the city, locals usually seek for a calm and cool environment to get a break. Well Hudson valley just there to help you get rid of your stress.

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