Top 10 Places To Visit In New York

When it comes to visiting The States, New York is the first name that naturally pops in our minds. It’s one of the biggest metropolitan city of America is said to be the heart of it. New York is on every travelers bucket list and I mean why not? It’s got everything one could ask for. From skyscrapers touching the clouds to low calm suburbs, from the central city to outskirts, street performers, nightlife, luxury and what not. You name it and NYC has it. So here are the Top 10 places to visit in New York.


The now abandoned subway station was once a delight to the eyes. With it’s rich interior and gorgeous chandeliers it is still an ancient antique one wouldn’t want to miss out on. So next time you’re in NYC make sure to take a night walk to the city hall station. It’s just that gorgeous to look at.


Almost everyone knows about this one. In New York and not visiting empire state building? Well why are you in New York then? Empire state building is located right in the heart of New York and is in almost every skyline picture of the city. It’s a 102 floor high rise building with architectural brilliance so book yourself a day tour to the building beforehand.


NYC isn’t NYC without statue of liberty. It’s the biggest tourist attraction in New York and everyone who visits the city for the first time rushes over to the spot. It’s a perfect spot of your instagram pictures and if you can, make sure you get creative with your poses!


This tech wonder museum would leave your jaw hanging. It’s the number one museum of spy gadgets! How cool is that? CCTV cameras, laser security and what not. You can experience thrilling spy challenges and do activities to test your spy skills. So it’s not like those boring museums that you might have the image of in your mind, It’s just like those scenes from an Hollywood action film.


This vintage style eatery has a whole vibe of it’s own with own it’s antique interior and building it is just the right place for instagram bloggers because who doesn’t love vintage. Also, the menu here has great taste and reasonable rates so it’s a win win. So for that even snack or an early morning breakfast, you know where to go!


Now you might skip this one and be all “who goes to museums?” but rest assured because not all of them are boring and certainly not this one. So if you’re in the city just make sure you don’t miss out on it and pay a visit.


This hotel is going to leave you astonished. Just the pictures of it on the internet feel unreal, imagine the beauty it might be in reality. This hotel is the epitome of antiques and elegance. Just pay a visit there as a tourist and make your day worth spending.


For all the bookworms out there, and not just bookworms but also people fond of architectural brilliance, this library is just the place for you. With it’s massive shelves and aisles and elegant interior, it is like being in a fairy tale. Visit the New York public library for sight-seeing and spending your day like it’s meant to because it’s one of the best top 10 places to visit in New York.


Want a relaxing day under the beautiful sun? Visit Bryant park to just sit and relax with family, friends or your partner. People all around the year visit this park because it’s just an evergreen destination. From locals to tourists, you find everyone here and it’s just a fun place to hangout at.


Oh and here’s where you can go for that perfect little filmy date. It’s the best in spring and autumn with either the trees all blossoming or them falling to the ground. It is just so dreamy to be under the perfect smelling trees and the fresh breeze. So get some relaxing done in NYC’s one and only botanic garden.

Hope you found this post helpful. Leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite destination in NYC is.

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