The Game Changers: Inspiring Entrepreneurs of 2023

In the ever-evolving world of business, there are always a few standout leaders who are making waves and pushing boundaries. As we delve into 2023, a new set of trailblazing entrepreneurs are emerging on the scene. They are the ones shaping the future, advancing their industries, and providing inspiration to budding business owners. This article profiles some of the most influential entrepreneurs of 2023 across diverse sectors.

The Visionary Strategist: Diana Rocca

Diana Rocca, the founder of DREROC Marketing Strategy, has an impressive pedigree in the corporate marketing world. Having worked with giants like Google and PepsiCo, she understands the ins and outs of building a powerful brand. Diana’s mission is to help businesses create a brand that consumers can’t resist, through corporate consulting, coaching, and tailored courses for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Diana is a passionate advocate for her clients, providing them with the tools they need to avoid common pitfalls and build a remarkable brand. Her entrepreneurial spirit combines intuition, a desire to make a meaningful impact, and a commitment to seeing others succeed.

The Rising Stars in APAC’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

The Asia Pacific region (APAC) is known for its vibrant startup culture and innovative entrepreneurs. Despite the challenges of building resilience in an increasingly competitive corporate landscape, these individuals are leading the way in industry innovation.

Shahirah Gardner: The FinTech Star

Award-winning entrepreneur Shahirah Gardner co-founded Finch, a leading FinTech startup in Australia. She is also an Investment Partner at Skalata Ventures, helping founders secure funds and scale their businesses. A champion of diversity and inclusion, Shahirah is a role model for women in tech.

Karen Contet & Karena Belin: The Community Builders

Karen Contet and Karena Belin co-founded WHub, Hong Kong’s largest startup community. Their platform provides resources and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs. They also co-founded AngelHub, an investment platform for growth-stage startups, demonstrating their commitment to supporting the region’s thriving tech ecosystem.

Sazzad Hossain: The Social Entrepreneur

Originally from Bangladesh, Sazzad Hossain founded the Social Development Initiative (SDI) Academy in Singapore. The academy provides education and training to migrants and refugees, equipping them with essential skills and opening up new professional opportunities.

Pattiya Thanasrivanitchai: The Period Equity Advocate

In Thailand, Pattiya Thanasrivanitchai co-founded Happi Cup, a sustainable menstrual product brand. Her mission is to break the stigma around periods and provide eco-friendly alternatives to conventional sanitary products.

Truong Duc Thang: The Tech Trailblazer

Serial entrepreneur Truong Duc Thang is a key figure in Vietnam’s startup scene. Among his ventures are Liberzy, a travel platform, and TOP Sinh Vien, an educational platform for students. He is also the CEO of BAP Ventures, an investment firm supporting growth-stage startups.

Komuro Yoshie: The Work-Life Balance Advocate

In Japan, Komuro Yoshie founded Work-Life Balance Co, an agency dedicated to helping companies improve their operations and management. She is committed to breaking Japan’s infamous work culture and promoting a healthier balance between work and personal life.

Kevin Chen: The Migrant Advocate

Kevin Chen, the founder of Taiwanese non-profit startup, One-Forty, is working to address challenges faced by migrant workers in the region. Through education and upskilling initiatives, One-Forty is making Taiwan a more inclusive place for immigrants.

The Young Achievers: Entrepreneurs in School

The entrepreneurial spirit is not limited to any age. A new generation of young entrepreneurs are launching businesses while still in school. Despite the challenges of balancing studies with business, these young entrepreneurs are making their mark in the world of commerce.

Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs can turn their hobbies or interests into a successful business. Some ideas include designing and selling t-shirts using print-on-demand services, starting an event planning business, selling handmade crafts, or running a pop-up shop featuring other young entrepreneurs. With the right idea and a supportive network, young people can gain valuable experience and skills from starting their own business.

Successful Young Entrepreneurs

Here are some young entrepreneurs who have achieved success while still in school:

Simone Hufana

While still in college, Simone Hufana created a coloring book brand, ColorHerstory, to increase the representation of women of color. She won Shopify’s youth-focused BEASTMODE-A-Business competition in 2017.

Yelitsa Jean Charles

Yelitsa Jean-Charles launched her brand Healthy Roots Dolls while studying at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her company, which offers dolls representing diverse races and hair textures, has since raised $1.5 million in funding and secured a partnership with Procter & Gamble.

Ryan Trahan

Ryan Trahan started his YouTube channel while studying at Texas A&M University. He later dropped out of college to focus on his channel, which now has over 11 million subscribers.

Matteo Galvez

At 16, Matteo Galvez founded LOTTA WORLDWIDE, a motivational apparel brand that celebrates his roots.

Katie Carson

Katie Carson launched her soap-making business, Royalty Soaps, while still in high school. Her YouTube content, which showcases her soap-making process, has attracted almost a million subscribers.

Angelina Ly

At 14, Angelina Ly started making and selling slimes via her company, Fireflyslime. She now runs her business full-time while studying business in college.

Sydney and Toni Loew

Sisters Sydney and Toni Loew launched their plushie brand, Poketti, while still in middle school. Their company has since won multiple awards and secured Walmart as a wholesale client.

Robert Felder

In high school, Robert Felder came up with the idea for Bearbottom, a sustainable clothing company selling ethically made menswear.

Moziah Bridges

Moziah Bridges started his bespoke bowtie company, Mo’s Bows, when he was just nine years old.

Megan Cox

As a science student at MIT, Megan Cox launched a skincare line from her dorm room. She later sold the business and started Genie Supply, a private label skincare lab.

Young entrepreneurs are in a prime position to understand and meet the needs of their peers. As they grow their businesses, they are paving the way for future entrepreneurs and setting the trends in commerce.

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Young Entrepreneurs FAQ

What is a young entrepreneur?

A young entrepreneur is someone who starts a business at a young age, whether as a child, teenager, or young adult.

Who is an example of a young entrepreneur?

One example is Kamaria Warren, who started her business, Brown Girls’ Stationery, at the age of seven.

How do you start your own business as a young person?

Young people can start their own business by identifying a business idea related to their passion, and with the support and guidance of adults, they can develop their skills and gain valuable business experience.