Top 5 New-Age Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

A smart innovative business idea is the primary step towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. The idea must be in accordance with the trends of the modern era. It should also align with the requirements of contemporary times. For example, we are living in the age of high-speed internet so anyone who is planning to open a DVD/CD shop must reconsider his decision. Rather if a person wishes to open a smartphone accessory shop then he is on the right path as compared to the DVD shop. Apart from this, the location of your business also plays an essential role. Therefore, I am going to quote the Top 5 New-Age Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs.

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Top 5 innovative Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Virtual Reality (VR Accessories):

Virtual reality (VR) is a mind-blowing aspect of modern technology. A person can experience a variety of captivating environments just with a pair of goggles and proper computer hardware. However, if an individual is not a computer expert, still he/she can start a VR-centered business. Even the majority of VR-related business ideas have no relation to the technology itself. As the early consumer VR accessories enter the retail store, the market for VR accessories will resume growing. You can also start the VR industry update website, where you provide content related to new tech, games, software, and much more. An entrepreneur could also start a business of custom covers for VR headsets, themed VR headset stickers etc.

But if you are a good programmer, you can design your own games and software or you can utilize this brilliant technology to help the environment. 

Gym Equipment:

As we are living in a world where the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on society. It has forced the human population to stay indoors and work from home. So, we have witnessed a trend that obesity is increasing due t this closure. People on a wide scale are getting overweight. As they are bound to work from home which consequently makes a person more hungry. However, they cant go out to join any gym or even jog at a park due to the lockdown situation all around the globe. So the only option left is to buy a treadmill along with other gym equipment in order to reduce weight.

In my opinion, this is the perfect time for entrepreneurs to open a business of gym equipment or even a supply chain. For instance, we can make a website where gym equipment of some other investor can be sold.

Cleansing Sevices and Medical Safety Kits:

As coronavirus cases continue to increase throughout the globe, so is the worldwide need for janitorial services. Several cleaning companies have witnessed a surge in applications for additional services as the general public is being reminded to regularly clean and sanitize all commonly-used areas like offices and facilities to stop the virus from spreading.

As the effects of the pandemic are reducing in few countries, one of the pre-conditions for businesses to re-open will be to carry out regular employee screenings before any employee enters a workplace. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enables employers to take employees’ temperatures to try and limit the spread of the coronavirus. In addition to that, Face masks have become a familiar sight on the streets of cities around the globe. Their demand would remain high for a long period of time.

Delivery Services and Remote Applications:

While delivery services have been striving hard to achieve success for the past several years, the leaders will now seize market-share and experiment with a new range of customers, few of whom will continue the service even after the pandemic is over. Other startups will concentrate on delivering new niche services.

For all the teachers and students in university education, the use of remote applications is a must now. While education may never drastically change, businesses have now learned the way to use remote working tools and applications that are rendering value while cutting costs. An entrepreneur without much conceivable threat can invest in business related to remote applications such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.

Cyber Security and E-commerce:

When you work from home via remote applications, there is a strong chance that you may come under hacking attacks. We can take the example of the zoom. Thus creating enhanced versions of both application or browser-based secure solutions will obtain extravagant levels of funding from investors in the world where cyber security is of utmost importance for many.

This COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the physical retail stores but on the other hand, it has accelerated e-commerce to even greater levels. Chewy, Amazon, Olx, etc. have seen a huge burst of orders in recent periods. E-commerce will never look back and even more niche e-commerce opportunities will appear.


The above-mentioned list is based on the updated surveys and my own research. I hope this will help the entrepreneur community in finding viable business ideas. If you have any queries regarding my article, you can share it in the comment section.

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