6 Home Robots to Make Your Life Easier

We are living in an era where robots are doing much of the office as well as the household work. It is all because of the advancement in technology. So many robots are there for handling situations where even human beings get failed. One perfect example is the robots working in the medical fields. Today, robots are not just limited to a specific field as we can find them for various fields. In this article, we will mention six robots which are very suitable for household affairs. 

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Ubtech Lynx-Robots


This is a robot specially designed for keeping in homes. This robot has got some special features like it can recognize the faces. It also comes with some personal greetings. Lynx is also capable of keeping you notified and updated about the weather. If you want to listen to music then you can just take help from Lynx. Lynx is also there for you to make your to-do lists and you will not need any sticky notes anymore. 

Asus Zenbo-Robots

This robot is made for entertainment purposes. This robot can even share emotions with you and it is also capable to adapt and learn. You can control your household devices by this device. Moreover, this robot also comes with an extra feature which is that it can guard your home while you are outside. You can also keep your children engaged with the help of Zenbo as it can read to your children. This robot works in both ways as a robot and as a friend too. It can also be a babysitter whenever needed. 

Roomba by IRobot


This robot is specially designed for doing the cleaning of the house. You can easily do your work while Roomba is doing its job and cleaning your house for you. This robot is at its service since 2002 but with the passage of time, it got modified and got different features. Now it comes with a Wi-Fi facility and you can easily control it through Google voice assistant or via Amazon Alexa. This robot also remembers the dirty places which need extra cleaning. Roomba is also capable to plug itself into its charging station and also goes back to the place where it was left off when it gets recharged. 

Alfawise Magnetic

This is just another robot made for cleaning purposes. The only difference here is that it is made to clean your windows. It does not fall off while cleaning windows. Alfawise comes with microfiber pads to clean the glass of the windows. It is very helpful for those who find it difficult to clean windows from outside. 

Worx Landroid


This robot is made to clean your lawn. All of us want our lawn to look not only beautiful but also clean and shaped. This robot is the best option because it does not only make your lawn shaped and clean but also goes back to its charging station when it runs out of battery or when it starts raining. This is far better because now you don’t need to pay someone to mow your grass when you have Worx Landroid. Moreover, it is also much better than those lawnmowers which function with a gasoline engine as it is much quieter than them. 

Budgee by 5 Elements Robotics

We often want something with us while going outside for shopping. Something which can hold our stuff. Budgee is a robot made for this purpose as it can help you when you are going to a supermarket or even the airport. It can carry the stuff for you. And for this, you need no tips to give anybody anymore.

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