Best Robotic Movies To Watch

Do you love robots? Or want to watch Robotic Movies? You just have landed on to the right page. I love robots and I watch different Robotic movies, I love to see when Robots try to learn and speak like humans. I also watch Robotic Videos on YouTube Like Sofia. She is really amazing and talks like a human. She is capable of understanding and answering to question and to give an answer. So I thought about writing an article on Robotic movies. Stay connected and let me share your favorite movie in the comment section below.

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This movies is one of my favorite movie. All time popular Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. This movie is about a boy and his mom. A Robot Terminator tries to kill his mom Sarah Corner. He saves his son life many time and try to protect his life. This movie is totally based on Robots and if you love robots you should watch this movie. I have watched all terminator series and they all are based on Robot.


Chappie is just a different and unique movie based on a Robot. His developer and inventor Deon (Dev Patel) programmed him and he helps police as well. And he a kind of Police robot and he helps policemen to catch the enemies. But one day some gangsters take him away from his developer and they teach them bad things. It is very interesting movie to watch and you will fall in love with that robot as well.

Ex Machina

If you are studying Artificial intelligence and if you want to know more about robots watch this movie. A guy Nathan develops a girls robot. While Caleb visit his lab for research. There he explore many things and learn more about it. Love robots? Watch this movie where a Developer develops a Girl Robotic and you won’t believe this is a robot.


Robot is an Indian Bollywood movie but I was really amazed while watching this movie where a Robot falls in love with the girl. But his developer destroys him when he sees his hand made robot fall in love with her girlfriend. After destroying the robot someone recreates him and after creating again by someone else he kills the creator and creates his own clone. I Don’t want to tell the whole story go watch on Netflix and you will enjoy it.


So guys I hope you like reading this article. There are other Robots movies as well you should watch. I have shared few of them which are popular. Don’t forget to tell me your favorite movie in the comment section below. Checkout other interesting other as well on our website.