Best Eco-Friendly Innovations to Save Our Planet

Being human beings it is our duty to save Mother Nature and avoid all the acts that can be harmful to the earth. The main reason is that the planet we are living on is like a home and we should treat it like one. We must appreciate nature because it is doing so much for humans. If we destroy nature, then automatically the results will not be in favor of human beings as well. So we must protect nature by protecting our planet. And fortunately, there are some companies working for this cause. In this article, we’ll share those awesome Eco-friendly innovations. We really hope that you will appreciate our concern. Read the article completely and don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.

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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Innovations:

The following are the five creative and Eco-Friendly Innovations that are made to save our planet. 

Plastic-less Water Bottles: 

Eco-friendly innovations

Plastic is damaging nature and the world doesn’t know what to do with that. It has damaged the sea creatures as well. Skipping Rocks Lab came up with an amazing idea. They have made an attempt through which we can get rid of the plastic trash. And they have made it possible for us to think about the plastic bottles as something from the past.

They have introduced a water bottle that comes with the packaging made of seaweed. This way the bottle is edible and it’s also less pricy than a plastic bottle. So this is a perfect idea to save the planet. 

Flow Hive: 

Eco-friendly innovations

We know how precious a bee is. They do all the hard work and produce honey but what is done to them is very unjust. Because the traditional method of getting honey from the beehive is very cruel and all the bees get crushed in that method. To avoid the crushing of the bees, the Flow Hive has been invented.

This is an innovative and creative idea as the Flow Hive allows bees to extract honey without killing any of them. Flow Hive is also safe for human beings as well because there is no possibility of getting stung through using Flow Hive and the honey also tastes the same. 

The Ocean Cleanup:  

Eco-friendly innovations

We must take care of the sea creatures the same way we take care of ourselves. There is a possibility of the ocean to contain as much plastic as fish by 2050 and that is indeed a very alarming situation. This problem cannot be solved by manpower as it can take limitless time and energy so we must think about another idea which is both times saving and exclude the need for manpower.

Now there is only one solution left and that is the Ocean Cleanup. The Ocean Cleanup will place an artificial coastline in the middle of the garbage patch and the currents will push the trash to a place where it can be easily collected. This will not affect ocean life and clean the water as well.

Tesla Solar Roof: 

Solar panels were invented decades ago but now Tesla is coming up with another innovation. Tesla is now introducing a solar roof that is made of durable tiles. These tiles allow sunlight to pass through them. They are designed in a way that they look something like modern roofing materials but at the same time, they are capable to perform the same function as a typical solar panel.

Toast Ale:  

Eco-friendly innovations

We know that wasted food goes through the process of decomposition which releases a gas called methane and that is not good for the atmosphere as it contributes to global warming. In the UK people are obsessed with sandwiches and which means that there will be more chances of food getting wasted.

But now there is a solution for this scenario too as Toast Ale collects the leftover bread. Then the bread is used in the brewing process to create a beer. The beer is helpful for the environment because this way there will be no wastage of food and also it contributes to the greenhouse gas. 

Folks, in this article we have shared five amazing eco friendly innovations. We really hope that you have enjoyed reading this article. Please share this article with your loved ones.

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