Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make in First Virtual Meeting

When it’s the time to do a Virtual, meeting it means it’s the time to follow a good strategy. No matter how long you have been preparing yourself for the meeting, if you fail, remember a few things, then you will ruin everything with your own hands. It is quite obvious that almost all entrepreneurs get nervous and excited at the important moments.

So at that time, we may make common mistakes. However, if you learn how to act in a certain situation and especially a situation which matters to you a lot, then you can make your dream come true. So the following are some suggestions on how entrepreneurs can avoid some acts which can weaken their position.

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Going in Mob-Handed


Entrepreneurs who are supposed to have a meeting with their investors must keep one thing in mind. If you are attending your investor with a team that quickly arises some questions. One of them is that why can’t you handle all by yourself? Why do you need a whole team to give you suggestions and work with you? Investors are so concerned about efficiency.

So you must not make this mistake since it does not leave a good image and impression. You also have to look efficient and confident. You must not overthink the questions that are going to be asked. If you, as a CEO, attend the investor without a team, then it will make a more direct connection and more personal interaction with the investor. So always attend the video calls alone. That is how only your face will appear on the screen, which leaves a far better impression and benefit you as well. 

Not Having a Back-Up Plan

Having a back-up plan is very necessary and important. It means that before going for a meeting with the investor, you must think of a substitute or a replacement that you can go for in case of an emergency or any other tech problem. It often happens that during a meeting you can face tech problems or electricity problems. So you must be prepared for that.

Going for a meeting empty-handed or with no back-up plan may cause you unimaginable loss. So in an emergency, you can go for ideas like give your cell phone number to the investor so he may contact you from there. Or you can also choose Zoom, Hangouts, or Team like meeting apps that have low chances of interruption or distortion. However, you can prefer and go with the investor’s choice and option. 

Underselling or Overselling Yourself


It may work in regular life if you act to be someone you are not. But in this field, when you are working as a CEO, then you must remain professional. You must not pretend to be someone you are not. Don’t have an arrogant behavior that will narrow down your circle and lessen the opportunities for you.

Try to remain modest and moderate. Try to be submissive. Being overly confident and bragging will easily be seen through and thus leave a negative impression. So just be patient and clear about your thoughts and ideas. 

Not Being Authentic


It is very important straightforward towards your investor. An important tip is to keep in mind the temperament of the investor but act completely accordingly, and forgetting yourself completely will not work eventually.

And it will also not work if you act in a way that you think your investor will like. Just be yourself and stay natural and honest. That is how you will be able to maintain a long term relation with your investor for the next 5 to 10 years